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Best Candle Stores Online

20 Stores • Updated May 13, 2024
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Hip, LA-based candle company with an inclusive sense of gender.
Visit Boy Smells
Handcrafted candles inspired by music and memory, blending natural fragrances with a personal artistic touch.
Handcrafted soy candles with unique, natural scents; based in California.
Visit P.F. Candle Co.
Sells hand-poured candles themed around nostalgia, evoking specific places and memories with unique scent blends.
Visit Homesick
Trendy candles with a wide variety of scents.
Visit Otherland
The iconic french candle company with strong, classic scents.
Visit diptyque Paris
Discover a unique surprise inside each scented candle, ranging from jewelry to other charming treasures.
Visit Jackpot Candles
Custom-made candles tailored to individual birthdates, blending astrology and aromatherapy.
Visit Birthdate Co
Handcrafted in New York, these eco-friendly, soy candles deliver minimalist packaging and sophisticated scents.
Visit Brooklyn Candle Studio
Cute candles that celebrate female empowerment and women in pop culture.
Visit Bijou Candles
Luxury scented candles with unique, signature fragrances from London.
Visit Jo Malone London
Eco-friendly, hand-poured, soy wax candles with unique, reusable containers.
Visit Paddywax Candles
Wide array of scented candles, including customizable and seasonal options.
Visit Yankee Candle
High-quality, luxurious candles with unique scents and elegant packaging; perfect for gifts and home decor.
Visit Nordstrom
Luxury hand-blown glass vessels containing pure essential oil based candles, various sizes and scents available.
Visit LAFCO New York
Widely known for a diverse range of scented candles and holiday-themed collections.
Visit Bath & Body Works
Swedish store selling hand-poured, environmentally friendly candles with Scandinavian-inspired scents.
Visit Norden
Sells botanical luxury candles inspired by the natural flora of its Los Angeles estate garden.
Visit Flamingo Estate
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