House Plants
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Best House Plant Stores Online

23 Stores • Updated May 14, 2024
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Specializes in beginner-friendly, low-maintenance indoor plants delivered with care guides to ensure successful plant parenting.
Visit easyplant provides a wide variety of house plants, promoting fast delivery and healthy, ready-to-thrive options.
Southern-California based retailer of affordable, trendy indoor plants of all types.
Visit House Plant Shop
Trendy indoor plants and planters. Popular on Instagram. Quite pricey. 15% off with first order.
Visit The Sill
Indoor and outdoor plants and planters. Good selection. Timeless designs.
Visit Bloomscape
Wide variety of houseplants, with detailed care instructions and eco-friendly packaging.
Visit Planterina
Specializes in rare and exotic house plants, with detailed care instructions provided for each species.
Visit BWH Plant Co.
Great selection of plants, including types that other stores don't sell, like tropical and bonsai.
An affordable option for plants. Great selection and sales. Plain looking pots.
Visit Lively Root
High-end indoor potted plants with a modern, mid-century vibe.
Visit Léon & George
Hard to kill house plants. Makes a great gift for someone who may not have a green thumb.
Visit Desk Plants
Well-designed website focused on selling succulents of all types for indoor and out.
Visit Leaf & Clay
Wide array of healthy, meticulously cared-for house plants, with eco-friendly packaging and informative care instructions included.
Visit PlantVine
Quality potted plants. Curated collections. Pots in simple, muted colors. Female founded.
Visit Ansel & Ivy
Wide variety of rare and unique house plants, sourced responsibly.
Visit Groovy Plants Ranch
Provides a wide variety of rare and exotic house plants, including tropical and aromatic selections.
Visit Logee's Plants
Wide selection of unique and rare houseplants, focusing on quality and sustainability.
Specializes in rare and unique houseplants, ensuring each is shipped with exceptional care directly from their greenhouse.
Visit Gabriella Plants
Indoor and outdoor plants at great prices. Also offers a house plant subscription service.
Visit Hirt's Gardens
Specializes in succulents and hardy plants, with an extensive variety of species and care information.
Visit Mountain Crest Gardens
Indoor plants for beginners. Good variety and prices.
Visit Perrico Plant Co
California-based store with a curated selection of house plants and botanical-themed decor.
Visit Pigment
Sells a variety of rare and exotic houseplants, with a focus on carnivorous species.
Visit Curious Plant
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