Women's Activewear
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Best Women's Activewear Stores Online

25 Stores • Updated May 14, 2024
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High-quality, size-inclusive women's activewear focused on comfort and versatility.
Visit Beyond Yoga
Specializes in high-performance activewear with a focus on innovative fabrics and tailored fits.
Visit lululemon
California-based, focuses on sustainable fabrics and comfortable designs for women's activewear.
Visit Vuori
Outdoor gear retailer with a wide range of durable women's activewear.
Visit REI
Specializes in high-performance, sustainable women's activewear for yoga, running, and swimming.
Visit Athleta
Premium yoga wear combining elevated style with high performance, especially known for their leggings and sports bras.
Visit Alo Yoga
Global leader in athletic footwear and apparel, renowned for innovative designs and collaborations with athletes.
Visit Nike
Activewear focused on high-performance and inclusivity in sizes.
Visit Fabletics
Affordable, high-quality women's activewear suitable for yoga, fitness, and everyday wear.
Visit 90 Degree by Reflex
Eco-friendly activewear made from recycled materials, known for its inclusive sizing and commitment to sustainability.
Visit Girlfriend Collective
High-performance activewear with a focus on fit, functionality, and fashion, catering to both workouts and everyday activity.
Visit Zobha
High-quality, stylish women's activewear that doubles for daily wear, with an emphasis on affordability and inclusive sizing.
Visit Senita Athletics
Global leader in women's activewear incorporating innovative technology and sustainability practices. Headquartered in Germany.
Visit adidas
High-performance women's activewear designed for a range of sports and fitness activities.
Visit Under Armour
Premium, stylish women's activewear combining high performance with high fashion.
Visit Carbon38
High-quality, stylish activewear designed for women, focusing on comfort and sustainability in every piece.
Visit Outdoor Voices
British retailer known for performance-focused and innovative women's activewear designs.
Visit Gymshark
Affordable, diverse range of women's activewear with frequent updates; ships from China.
High-performance women's activewear designed for both style and comfort, with inclusivity in sizing.
Visit Alphalete
Trendy, bohemian-inspired activewear that blends fashion with comfort, focusing on sustainability.
Visit Free People
Sustainable women's activewear with every purchase contributing to tree planting globally; headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.
Visit tentree
Eco-friendly activewear for women made using organic and recycled materials.
Visit MATE the Label
Wide selection of women's activewear, featuring renowned brands with options for various sports and fitness activities.
Visit Eastbay
High-quality, stylish swimwear emphasizing comfort and body positivity.
Visit Monday Swimwear
Stylish, high-quality activewear with an emphasis on comfort and unique designs for women.
Visit LSPACE by Monica Wise
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